Special terms for groups of 20 or more applicants

SPCAL will accept applications for groups of 20 or more participants for a reduced individual price. For this, the following terms must apply:

  • The group must have a coordinator, though whom all contacts with SPCAL shall be made.
  • SPCAL will issue only a maximum of 2 invoices per group, and will receive payment in full for those invoices (no individual payments, invoices, or receipts).
  • The Coordinator will ensure the registration of all group members on the course webpage and will send SPCAL the list of applicants (name and email contact). The Coordinator will also assist SPCAL on the payment process.
  • Member access to contents will only be activated after full payment of the group invoice(s) is received.

Each group member will have the same rights, duties, and conditions as those of an individual participant.

Chronology of the application process

The Coordinator should contact SPCAL to cursoteorico@spcal.pt (to Nuno Franco) to request a Group Application. Once the conditions are set and the number of applicants is confirmed, SPCAL will issue and invoice. The Coordinator shall ensure that all members are registered on the course webpage and have their access data. The Coordinator will then send SPCAL the full list of applicants, so that SPCAL may activate their access to contents once payment of the invoice is received.


As stated on the course overview, all candidates must pass a written exam to receive a certificate of completion. In the case of groups of 20 or more participants, SPCAL may arrange for a dedicated exam on a date and place discussed with the Coordinator.

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