SPCAL Online Theoretical Course (CTO) - ONLINE EXAM dates for 2023

Date and hour of the Online exams for CTO-SPCAL during 2023.

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9th Post Graduate Course in Animal Experimentation - NOVA Medical School

Registration is open for the postgraduate course in animal experimentation - NOVA Medical School 3 FEB. 2022 Practical Course: February 28 to March 14, 2023 Remote Theoretical Course: exam on February 17, 2023 Coordination: Ana Isabel Moura Santos, PhD

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Inscrições abertas para o 7º Simpósio Nacional de ORBEAs

Com o apoio da SPCAL, a RedeORBEA organiza o seu 7º Simpósio Nacional de ORBEAs a 5 de Dezembro de 2022, no Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical, da Universidade Nova de Lisboa. O tema deste 7º Simpósio será "O dever e o desafio no acompanhamento de projectos”, dando destaque à missão principal dos ORBEAs, como definida pela Directiva 2010/63/EU.

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Portuguese biomedical research institutions are more transparent in regard to animal research

Biomedical institutions in Portugal, in a report published on June 16th 2022, have shown an encouraging improvement in their openness in publicly discussing the use of animals in research.

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SPCAL has launched online exams for the online theoretical course

The covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for those enrolled in the SPCAL Theoretical On-Line Course to be able to take the exam entirely online. After several tests of this technology, including holding exams for some selected courses, SPCAL will hold the first exam open to all enrolled on May 20, 2022, Friday, between 14:00 and 16:00. Prior registration is mandatory.

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