European Commission grant to ETPLAS

ETPLAS will develop an IT platform that will deliver tools to enable course organisers to assess whether those persons carrying out procedures on animals have met the required level of competence in theoretical and practical skills.

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Nuno Franco talks about animal research on "Science for Progress" podcast

In this conversation with Dennis Eckmeier, Nuno Henrique Franco, member of the SPCAL Board, talks about the use of animals for scientific purposes, and its scientific, legal, ethical and social implications.

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Ternox and Covance offer -86ºC refrigrerator to IBMc/i3S

Ternox once again delivers -86 °C freezer from Covance. As usual, SPCAL announced and organised the applications for these equipments, which are most useful in various scientific areas.

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SPCAL president talks about animal use in science for health channel "Saúde +"

Ricado Afonso, president of SPCAL, was invited by "Saúde +" channel to talk about biomedical research and the role of animal experimentation to advance medical knowledge and to develop innovative therapies, and the role of SPCAL in promoting a competent, responsible and ethical use of animals in science.

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Practical course FCM | NMS

Faculdade de Ciências Médicas | NOVA Medical School is pleased to announce that applications for the Postgraduate Course on Animal Experimentation (Practical) - 6th Edition are open.

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