LAS course (functions A+D) CONGENTO/Fundação Champalimaud- Registrations until October 10th 2019

In collaboration with SPCAL, the Champalimaud Foundation is organising another edition of the Champalimaud Course on Laboratory Animal Science for Function A (+D) (former FELASA Category B) - Persons carrying out procedures on animals.

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Practical Course on Animal Experimentation at the IGC (7 a 11 de Outubro 2019)

The IGC - Gulbenkian Institute of Science is organising a practical course that complements the SPCAL on-line theoretical course, which will take place from 7-11 October.

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FELASA-ESLAV-ECLAM position paper on the proposed ban of carbon dioxide for rodent euthanasia

The use of carbon dioxide for rodent euthanasia is currently a matter of intense debate, with an announced intention to discourage it, or even to prohibit it. A systematic review of publications related to the use of carbon dioxide for euthanasia in mice and rats is being conducted by an IACLAM (International Association of Colleges of Laboratory Animal Medicine) task force. Preliminary results reveal that there is very little scientific evidence supporting its prohibition so far and concluded in recommending additional research.

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SPCAL-FFUC Practical course | June 26th, 28th and 29th

Practical Course on Animal Experimentation (26th, 28th and 29th of June 2019) Venue: Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Coimbra Training hours: 23h (10h00 PT + 13h00 P + 1h Evaluation) SPCAL organizaers: Profª. Doutora Isabel Vitória Figueiredo | Profª. Doutora Lucília Diogo |Prof. Doutor Ricardo A. Afonso

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FFUL/SPCAL course in Laboratory Animal Science (Former FELASA Category B) - 2nd Edition 16-20th September 2019

This course is aimed at pre or postgraduate students wishing to apply for accreditation as Researchers or Research Technicians to DGAV, but also to those who wish to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of Animal Sciences of Laboratory.

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